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J.Rosenmuller. Sonata 3 d-moll per violino, viola da gamba e bc

J.Rosenmuller Sonata 2 e-moll per due violini e basso continuo

J. Rosenmuller. Sonata a3 5 g-moll.wmv

Alessandro Scarlatti. "Salve Regina" Part I

A. Scarlatti - Salve Regina" per due voci f-moll (1/ 6)

Alessandro Scarlatti. Salve Regina, Part II.

A.Scarlatti - Salve Regina per due voci f-moll (2-6/6)

Matthew Locke Consort for the several friends

JS Bach's Concerto for 2 Violins & Strings in d minor, 1st movement

J.S.Bach. Contrapunctus I

Contrapunctus 6 from JS Bach's Die Kunst der Fuge

J.S.Bach. Contrapunctus III

J.S. Bach Contrapunctus IV

J.S. Bach. Contrapunctus VII

Concerto for 2 Violins & Strings in d minor by J.S. Bach - 2nd Movement

G.F.Händel. Meine Seele

G.F.Händel.Die ihr aus dunkeln Grüften

G.F. Handel. 9 Deutsche Arien, No. 3 "Süsser Blumen Ambraflocken"

G.F.Handel. "Flammende Rose"

G.F.Handel. German Aria No.8, "In den angenehmen Büschen"

Haendel Concerto grosso op.6 No. 2.wmv

Johann Rosenmüller (1)

Johann Rosenmüller (2)

Johann Rosenmüller (3)

Johann Rosenmüller (4)

Johann Rosenmüller (5)

Johann Rosenmüller (6)

A.Scarlatti. "Agar et Ismaele esiliati."wmv

J.S. Bach. Triple Concerto a-moll BWV 1044. 1. Allegro

J.S.Bach. Triple concerto a-moll BWV 1044. 2. Adagio ma non tanto e dolce

J.S.Bach. Triple Concerto a-moll BWV 1044. 3.Alla breve.wmv

J.C. Graupner. Concerto No 4 in D-major for viola d'amore, viola, strings and bc

Ch. Graupner. Concerto for viola d'amore, viola and strings in D

Olga Nazaykinskaya. Concerto for 2 viols~ 2nd mvt. Variations

Olga Nazaykinskaya. Concerto for 2 viols~1st mvt. Lamentatio

Olga Nazaykinskaya. Concerto for 2 viols~3rd mvt. Recuerdos de Buenos Aires

. "He shall feed his flock","But who may abide the day of his coming"

J.S. Bach & G.F. Handel - Moscow State University Chamber Orchestra

J.S. Bach & G.F. Handel - Moscow State University Chamber Orchestra, mp4

(1)Henry Purcell - Two Pavanes in 3 parts in B Major and G minor

(3)Henry Purcel l- 2 songs of Ariel from the "The Tempest or Echanted Island"

(2)Henry Purcell - The Tempest. Ouverture

J.S.Bach. Concerto for harpsichord and strings 1 d-moll. 2nd movement

J.S.Bach. Erbarme dich

G.F.Handel. Italian Cantata "Agrippina condotta a morire"

G.F.Handel. Italian Cantata "Clori, mia Clori". Fragments.

J.S. Bach Cantata 209 "Non sa che sia dolore..."

... Clori, mia bella Clori...

.. "Se infelice al mondo vissi-

J.S.Bach (1685-1750) "Die Kunst der Fuge" BWV 1080 Contrapunctus VIII

G.F.Handel. 9 Deutche Arien. "In der angenehmen Buschen..."

Handel. Air of Siroe "Se il labbro amor ti giura...

G.F.Handel. Ouverture to opera "Flavio"

Handel. Aria "Di quel bel che..." from Cantata "Ah, crudel"

Handel. Aria "Ah, crudel! nel pianto mio" HWV 78

G.F.Handel. "Flammende Rose" German Air 9

Melchior Franck "Wer ist der"

Alessandro Scarlatti. Concerto grosso f-moll

J.S. Bach. Concerto d-moll for harpsichord and strings. 1 Allegro.

J S Bach Contrapunctus VIII from Die Kunst der Fuge

J S Bach Contrapunctus IX from Die Kunst der Fuge

J.C. Graupner. Ouverture for traverse flute and strings a-moll (GWV 478)

G.F. Handel. "Cara sposa" - Symphony and Air of Rinaldo.

G.F.Handel "Mi credi in fedele..." Air of Siroe

Handel. "Mio cor..." Air of Goffredo from "Rinaldo".

A.Vivaldi. Concerto for Viola d'amore, Lute and strings RV540

Moscow State University Chamber Orchestra. Handel and Graupner

G.F.Händel. Meine Seele. Olga Nazaykinskaya - Alexander Konstantinov

Handel. "Loathsome urns..." from "Triumph of Time and Truth" (1757).

Handel. "How beautiful are the feet..." Soprano air from "Messiah"

G.F. Handel "Il vostro maggio..." ( Song of Syrenes from "Rinaldo")

G. F. Handel - Theodora - "To thee, thou glorious son of worth..."

G.F.Handel - Orlando - "Fammi combattere"